Open Source Vegetarianism

Image by Stefania F.R. via Flickr

America is in the midst of a food revolution fueled by organics, farmers markets and avarice towards narco-agro pushing GMOs, pesticides and heavily processed corn. Continue reading


Is Vegetarianism Right for You? Weigh the Options for Yourself!

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Ever want to know the benefits of vegetarianism? Are you routinely questioned about your choice to be vegetarian and are at a lost for words? Well the folks at have organized all the important facts you need to know about vegetarianism to know if it’s the right diet for you. Continue reading

Bill Gates to Bring Vegetarianism into the 21st Century

Image by Mohammad Jangda via Flickr

Vegetarians have yet again found another unlikely celebrity ally in Bill Gates. The self-made computer whiz who can’t pour his money into philanthropy fast enough has become a big supporter of plant-based substitutes for meat. Continue reading

Indian Vegetarians Win Over Bourdain . . . Again

Anthony Bourdain without a doubt is the most vocal anti-vegetarian on TV today. The guy unabashedly likes his beef, pork and lamb. Sticking to your guns like that is respectable, though I can hardly share his view.

But even Anthony Bourdain, meatatarian extraordinaire, can’t resist the allure of the food from India’s primarily vegetarian Punjab region. Continue reading